First Rant, 7 November 2012.

I spent the day in a fog, feeling like I woke up in the Twilight Zone. How could Romney have lost? How could Obama have won? There were massive amounts of info pointing to a Romney Landslide. Not just the polls. Not just the huge crowds at Republican rally’s, with small groups at Democrat rally’s. (Remember Sandra Fluke in Reno… all of 10 people?!)

I truly believe that there was an extraordinary amount of voter fraud, and voter intimidation. The truth has already started to come out. Did you see the “New Black Panthers” in Philly? How about those larger-than-life murals of the Anointed One? Did you see this report, which shows up to 140% more Voters than People in Colorado: ?  There are many more stories coming out daily. I may get my dander up one day and try to list them all, but not today.

Today, I hope someone else is listing them. Someone with more resources than I do, able to fight these numbers in court. Because that is how our country was set up. And I do believe in our country and the system that runs it.

But it will not stop there. It cannot stop there. We have been handed to Socialism. We did not spend generations fighting the Cold War to end up smack in the middle of it. We are Patriots! We will continue to fight for our country! We want our country back!


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