Governor Chris Christie

I have always admired Chris Christie. He is a no-nonsense, say it like it is, kind of guy. You can say he is typical of a lot of New Jersey natives. That definitely has its merits.  You nearly always know where you stand with a person like that.

He was admired by a number of the GOP. He came out early in support of Mitt Romney, campaigned for him, raised money for the election bid, as well as the party. He was so admired that he was asked to be Keynote speaker at the Republican Convention this year. He has been tapped to do greater things for the GOP in the future, possibly a Presidential bid himself down the road.

Then came Hurricane Sandy.

This was a devastating storm for New Jersey and surrounding areas. It unleashed its wrath and killed numerous Americans, destroyed homes, demolished the area. You cannot blame Christie for being overwhelmed by the circumstances. And, to his credit, President Obama authorized help before Sandy ever made landfall. It was not their fault that FEMA dropped the ball.

During this crisis, President Obama visited with Christie and toured the area. They got their photo Op, giving Bear Hugs and shedding tears. This was sincere, I believe, on Christie’s part. The problem is what happened afterward. Obama did not carry through with his promises. There have been a myriad of issues that Obama could have resolved quickly and easily. Everything from the marathon to the Union workers not allowing the volunteer electricians from the South to assist them.  How about the poor people eating out of dumpsters?  I know that this was shown from New York, but currently, the helpless and homeless are all a part of one area, for me.

Christie still responds with great Kudos for President Obama. Okay, yes, thank him for his promises, but then hold him to them. After that, don’t act like his BFF for the duration, as your residents are still waiting to be rescued.

The final straw came when Christie turned down a request by Mitt Romney to appear at a rally on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Just 2 days before the election. The rally was nearby for him, and would not have taken more than a few hours of his time. It would have been an important signal for the world that Christie had not abandoned Romney for the Democrats. No, Christie turned him down. To add insult to injury, after the election, Christie phoned his congratulations to Obama, yet only emailed a note to Romney. That kind of says it all to me.

I firmly believe that the propaganda from the Main Stream Media over Christie’s actions, and his actions specifically, had a major impact on Governor Romney’s Presidential Campaign. I also firmly believe that Christie could have turned that into positive reinforcement, and possibly been the deciding factor for Romney, if he had just attended that last rally and voiced his full support for Romney.

Christie has abandoned the GOP for a few minutes of BFF time with Obama. He needs to stay in Jersey, if the people there will continue to vote for him. His days in the GOP need to be over.


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