Obama has an Agenda

During the election, there were many fears from Conservatives about possible outcomes. Some of these thoughts strayed to what Obama would do during his 2 month-lame duck time, if Romney were to be elected. Horror stories ran rampant over the social media sites. I heard theories that went from who he would pardon (Eric Holder and the Blind Sheik) to pushing the button for WW3 and annihilation.

It is painfully obvious that his agenda includes a Socialist country, third world, if you would. He does seem to want one global government, the United Nations. He does not want Israel to exist, though whether they are conquered with or without Iranian Nukes, I have yet to guess. He seems to believe in the Muslim Brotherhood, not discounting Sharia law, though I have a hard time visualizing Michelle falling into line with that one.  There are more possibilities.

The issue now, however, is reflected on his current reelection. He no longer has to worry about a time limit. He no longer has to worry about another election. He has much more “Flexibility” now, as he told Putin.

Obama has shown a great disdain for our American system of government, of which he is the leader. He has repeatedly thwarted our laws, believing they do not apply to him. He has ignored our Congress, as if they mean nothing. He issues Executive Orders to bypass Congress; therefore he runs the country as a dictator. If he wants to run an Illegal Operation, he just goes ahead and does it, be damned with the consequences. If he is found out, he just issues another Executive Order to “classify” the information and he goes about his merry way. (Think “Fast & Furious”)

How do you turn a country Socialist?

The first task is to get the citizens Dependent on the Government. There are 47 million people on Food Stamps alone, increased by 15 million in the last 4 years. These figures do not include Welfare, Medicaid or SSI. Make the citizens unable to survive without the government. Included in this is to take over their Health care. When the citizens need the government just to stay healthy, that invokes great fear.

Second, is to own the industry of that country. The government currently owns Amtrak and General Motors. Obama is going after the energy companies as well. He seems to own the Media, as well. It has already been discovered that CNN has accepted monetary payment to run, or not run, the stories that Obama chooses. He will not stop there.

Third, and very important, is to take away the weapons. Do not allow the citizens to rise up against the government. Do not allow them the weapons to do so, or the means to defend themselves against the government, or anyone else. Obama has started this with his UN Arms treaty the day after the election.

Benghazi –

Under any other President, the attack on Benghazi would be a real problem. It would have sunk anyone else, happening so close to an election. But, thanks to his seeming ownership of the Main Stream Media, he ignored this issue and no one was able to overcome that. Not the citizens, not any journalist, and not the Senate or Congress. There were some small efforts, but they were small. Obama has such a tight grip on this country that even our Senators and Congressmen are AFRAID to bump heads with him. They are allowing him to turn our country towards communism. They are allowing him to get away with Fast & Furious. They are going to show a token investigation on Benghazi, but we all know how far they will get. Nowhere.

So, we come to the real question. Obama has an agenda, of which he is implementing quickly. With our fiscal cliff looming over us all, he decides to go to Burma. Burma? Really? Is he meeting Putin there? It is all part of his agenda.

I believe he does think of the ‘outside’ chance of Impeachment. This could be why he is hurrying his agenda along. Whatever he wants to accomplish, he is not going to wait four years to get it done. He wants, or NEEDS, to get it done now.

Congress needs to stiffen their backbones and ACT NOW! Impeachment is no longer a possibility. It is a NECESSITY! It also needs to be done quickly. Start with Obama, but don’t stop there. Grab everyone that is accountable. Joe Biden, Valarie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, etc. They are all a part of this agenda.

If you are not sure if I could be right, ask Brian Terry, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty. They should have an opinion.


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