National Strike

It is very apparent that the Election this year is being highly contested. There appears to be at least half the country disbelieving that the results are true and accurate. They are calling for a Recount!

However, President Obama and his administration have a vested interest in Not Allowing a recount. This cannot be tolerated. We The People should have our say!  We should be allowed a recount!

I suggest a National Strike.  A limited strike by a vast number of Americans would have an impact on this country, and the government. Now, I understand that not everyone would want to participate, and they would not be forced to. I also understand that not everyone could participate, after all, power companies cannot shut completely down, as one example.

But, picture this: What if 25% of the country, INCLUDING most of the EMPLOYERS were to shut their doors, or call off work, for 1-5 days (I suggest at least 3 days)? That would have a severe impact on the country. The government would Stand Up and Take Notice of us! What if this strike were coordinated for the first week in December, BEFORE the Secretaries of State for the various states certified the election results?

In the Union –run states, are there any contracts that cover if the Employer was to go on strike? Would this be much different than a preview of the layoffs that are coming due to the election?

I am a small business owner. I count on my business being open. It is important to my family as well as my customers and employees. Being closed for 3 days would hurt us. BUT IT WOULD NOT KILL US. We would not shut down permanently.

To complete the point, those 3 days would need to include demonstrations at the Federal Courthouses around the country. We The People need to STAND UP AND BE HEARD!


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