UPDATE: National Strike, Part 2

Since linking the original article to Twitter, I have been suspended from that site. It appears that a Liberal does not want me to post conservative views and issues. I have received quite a bit of support from fellow conservative Patriots. Whether or not they agree with the concept of a National Strike, they fully support my freedom of speech, and right to post.

No one wants a Chicago Thug to get away with decimating the integrity of our government! We cannot let this happen! If you are still unsure whether or not it happened, check the following links, and then decide:

Here is an excellent site that is documenting the accusations of voter fraud, with links to petitions for recount: http://obamavoterfraud.blogspot.com/

And Michelle Malkin’s list of voter fraud: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/10/25/voter-fraud-watch-theyre-at-it-again/

These are just 2 sites of many. Do the fact-check.

As citizens of this great country, our laws allow us to questions everything done here! This includes Presidential Elections. If we feel that the election was unfair, either by voter fraud, miscounted votes, or any other reason, it is our DUTY to demand a recount, or a new election if it is determined to be necessary. This is done through the Secretaries of State for the affected states, mostly the swing states. If the said Secretaries of State have not certified the votes, then the election results are not valid! We must petition these states to demand a recount. We must petition these states to investigate the accusations of Voter Fraud!

Additionally, we can petition the White House to insist on the recount. There is a petition underway, here: http://wh.gov/9n5n Please go and sign it.

But, what if all our requests are ignored and swept under the rug? What can we do? WE CAN GET THEIR ATTENTION! We can call for a National Strike. A LOCK OUT! We can shut down our businesses for 3 days. We need not shut down permanently, but just long enough to get the attention of our government. Yes, 3 days can make a difference.

Not just Employers can take part. Everyone can participate! Every citizen that believes we have been given a raw deal should be active in this protest. If we refuse to conduct business in this country for 3 days, we can have a major impact! If we spend those 3 days in front of our federal buildings, they will be forced to take notice! If we do this during one of the busiest weeks of the year, the impact will be even greater!

I call for a National Protest, A LOCK OUT for the week of December 3-7, 2012. If you cannot participate for the full week, try for 3 days, or at least the first day. Spend those days in front of your Federal Buildings, with signs showing your disagreements. Help us get the recount!

This needs to be a National Movement. One or two communities will not accomplish what we need. If the country comes together to protest this false election, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Share this with your friends. Post it on your Social Media sites. Talk about it with the news people in your community. Make this go viral. Let’s get our voices heard!


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