Benghazi? Subject Closed.

Susan Rice is the US Ambassador to the United Nations. She has sworn to uphold our constitution. She has LIED to the American people. She is not trustworthy.

She has done everything her President told her to do.

That’s it in a nutshell. Susan Rice is representative of our government. Our President has put himself above the law, and now has put his cronies in government above the law as well. They are allowed to bend and break the law, and are never held accountable.

Start with Fast & Furious. Eric Holder is the top law enforcement in this country. What happens when he breaks the law? Nothing, of course. If questioned on his illegal activities, our President just seals the records. Subject closed.

What about the numerous cronies of Holder? Same thing. Subject Closed.

How about the Massive amounts of voter fraud? This should be automatically investigated by our government. Nope. Won’t even discuss it. Subject Closed.

Now, let’s talk about Benghazi. The White House knew about the attack as it happened. They watched this in real time. They knew it was a Terrorist attack, and yet, they LIED to the American people and blamed it on a video. Obama said it. Clinton said it. Patraeus said it. Rice said it. Over and over again they said it. They made us pay $70k for an ad saying it, played in the Middle East. They said it to the families of our fallen Americans. Over and over again they said it. Obama said it to the UN General Assembly, SIX times in the same speech.

But, during the Presidential debate, Obama claimed to have called it a Terrorist Attack from the first day. Before he blamed the video? Before he had Hillary give her speech on TV? Before he made the TV ad for the Mideast? Before he went to the UN? …Before he had the director of this offensive video jailed?

Face it, I expect that there isn’t a single person in this country, with the possible exceptions of Geraldo Rivera and Chris Matthews, who really thought the attack was caused by the video. Everyone knows that the President LIED to us. We can also figure out why he lied to us. It doesn’t fit with his being the Prez that conquered Terror. Al Qaeda is on the run, they are defeated.

We know what happened. We know why it happened.

The question would be “What are the consequences”?


For Benghazi?


Subject Closed.


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