Goodbye to the Fourth Estate

Journalism was an honored and respected profession, at one time. It was the chosen profession of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. Murrow is the most distinguished figure in the history of American broadcast journalism. He is honored within the profession as having “set standards of excellence that remain unsurpassed.”[1] Cronkite was often cited as “the most trusted man in America”. [2]These accolades were not undeserved.

Because of the importance of journalism in society, most members of the fourth estate abide by certain professional and personal ethics. Many journalists attempt to cultivate an air of neutrality, focusing on reporting of the issues as they are so that people can judge the facts for themselves.[3] It is vital to the integrity of the profession to keep neutral and uphold the standards set by these icons.

But, Journalism is no longer this worthy profession. The members of the press have transferred their allegiance to Power. Power is more important to them than truth or ideals. Spin has become the norm for both politicians and Journalists. Why is that? What is wrong with the truth?

A recent Gallup Poll showed only 21% of Americans has confidence in television news, a new low. [4] After watching the coverage of the recent election, I can understand it. Think of Candy Crowley and her obvious support of Obama in the second debate. Some call it a mistake, but I say there are too many clues, and it points to a deliberate act.

It seems to be an open secret among journalists that the mainstream news is propaganda.[5] It has recently been exposed that CNN takes monetary payment from the Obama administration for selective news stories. [6] With all of these examples, and many, many more to be found, why is it such a surprise that Americans cannot possible trust the Media?

The majority of the Main Stream Media (MSM) are wealthy Socialists that revel in their power to control every aspect of this country. When they decided that the time was right for this country to turn Socialist, they picked their candidate and they controlled all the spin to get him elected. They showed absolutely NO concern for the people of this country. They wanted to prove their power, not for the good of the people, but for the good of themselves.

When their candidate proved to be less than they expected, and should never have been nominated for a second term, let alone reelected, they proved that they still have the power, and they are really in control of this country. Obama’s history, his record, the actual facts of his first term, should have kept the democrats from even nominating him for a second term. But, with the MSM and the spin they did, we have people believing he is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks to journalists that have absolutely NO ethical standards at all!

There are new Social Media sites, such as Twitter, United Patriots[7], etc. It is no wonder that people are turning more and more to these sites for their news. Americans want someone they can trust. Who will fill that role? It certainly will not be the MSM. They have proven, repeatedly, that they cannot be trusted.


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