Something Positive?

I have been trying to come up with something positive about our country now. I am Positive that it is not the same country that I have lived in all my life. I am Positive that it is not the same country I taught my children to treasure. I am Positive that it will never be the same again.

I was raised to fight Communism. The Cold War was the Bad Times. We celebrated when it ended! Now, teachers are card-carrying Socialists. They are indoctrinating our children into Communism. Our Government had a well-thought out, and well-executed, plan to turn this country into a Socialist/Communist State. They carried out their plan, they succeeded.

Mitt Romney & the GOP were not strong enough to even use the word “Socialism” during the campaign. They were not strong enough to fight Fire with Fire. They were the “nice guys”. We kept telling them not to roll over like they did, but, they knew best, as we can see. We voted for Mitt to be our “Champion” and he gave up.

We need a Champion! We need someone who is not afraid of Obama, or Reid, or Pelosi, or Jarrett, or of “payback”. We need someone with enough backbone to not be afraid of being called Racist or Sexist. We need someone who is not afraid to admit that Capitalism is a good thing. We need someone who is confident that standing up for what you believe to be right is more important than being what society calls Politically Correct. We need someone to Stand Up for us when the order to Stand Down is given.

I admire Sen. Graham and Sen. McCain. They have put forth an amazing effort to search out the truth on Benghazi. They will be stopped by Obama, of course, probably by an Executive Order, but at least they have tried. They do not have much support, even from their own party, but, they have the support of us little people. They are to be admired for their efforts.

The Conservative leaders we have now, such as Speaker Boehner, have fallen into the trap that was set for them, where they are NOT strong enough to fight for OUR Rights. Boehner knows that we have lost. He is currently looking to work with the Dems/Libs/Commies in Washington because he now has to look out for himself and his job. And he will do this under the name of Bipartisanship.

The Conservatives and Libertarians have NO Champion. We have been thrown under the bus so our leaders can secure their jobs within the administration. They need to work with Obama, or the Senate and the House will be disbanded. Yes, that will be next. Watch Morsi in Egypt and see what Barack will do next.

Yes, what is happening in the United States is deliberate, systematic, and incomplete. I believe that we have seen our last Presidential Election. I believe that Obama will give himself ultimate power, then, turn this country over to the United Nations. I believe that Boehner knows this and is afraid to push for ObamaCare to be included in the Fiscal Cliff Talks for this reason.

I am Positive that we are now a Socialist Nation.

I am Positive that Obama will attempt to wipe out Christianity as well.

I am Positive that True Americans will not STAND DOWN for this…


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