Socialist Welfare is Crap!

The more I read about the entitlements that Democrat-Socialists are giving to the people in this country, legal or not, the more Ticked OFF I get!

I own my business. I work over 60 hours per week. I CANNOT spend as much as each welfare family receives!  I can’t, because I don’t make that much! Based on this article:, entitlements are paying $168.00 per day.

We just had to stop our family health insurance because the rate hikes were too much for us. Even if we paid those prices, with our house payment, car payment, etc. there is no way we can meet that much money.  And to top it off, we do NOT qualify for ANY benefits from the government. This includes free lunch from the schools.

Adding insult to injury, I know a family that just bought a very nice house, five bedrooms on nice waterfront acreage.  He has not worked in YEARS, by choice, and she only works part time.  Yet they qualified to buy this beautiful home. Yes, of course, they receive aid from the state.

I met a man a few nights ago in the grocery store. He had a cart full of groceries in front of me. The clerk used a coupon to reduce the cost of an item in his cart. He got VERY upset, because the use of that coupon cost him TWO PENNIES in cash. He was paying for the entire cartful with food stamps, and had to pay the tax on the coupon, the whopping two cents, in cash. He did not feel that was justified, especially since the SECOND food stamp card he showed me, from the neighboring state, did not charge him tax on coupons.  Yep, he receives benefits from TWO different states, and claims it is perfectly legal!

I know a family that has been on Welfare for nearly 20 years! They live in subsidized housing; receive food stamps and any other aid handed to them by the state. They have NO plans to get off the system, after all, they are allowed.

There are many more stories of these abuses. Every state has them. THEY MUST STOP!

It is perfectly acceptable to assist someone when they are down and need a hand up. That is what good people do; they help each other when in need.  Everyone will need a hand at sometime in their life. Everyone should help others, if they can, during their life. It is how I live my life, and how I raise my children.

However, I do NOT believe that anyone has the right to live on Welfare, or other assistance, for an INDEFINITE period of time. Help is there for you, in emergencies, to get you BACK on your feet. Not to take the place of you walking for yourself!

After hearing of new abuses nearly every day, I am ready to Stop ALL Entitlement programs permanently! Too bad, so sad… get a job!


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