What would happen if America goes off the Fiscal Cliff?

Obama actually gets what he wants! He gets to cut 10% of the Military, and raise taxes across the board! This is actually what he wants to do. He can crow until next year about saving the middle class, but the truth is plain to see. He wants more money to spend, until America is forced to turn to the United Nations to save its sorry butt. The only way he will get the money he wants, is to tax everyone, including the middle class! The more people give to him, the more he can spend. That is also why he wants unlimited control over the Debt Ceiling.

BUT, Obama also gets what he DOESN’T want. 10% cuts across the board, also mean cuts to ObamaCare. It also means cuts to Welfare and Food Stamps. It means 10% cuts from EVERYTHING.

The problem is the Unlimited Power that Obama is demanding!

Obama has taken the first steps to becoming a dictator. He didn’t do it like Morsi, but he did it all the same. He will take control of the Debt Ceiling, thereby having NO ONE able to rein him in on his spending. He will spend and spend until America implodes!

Our system was set up for checks and balances, to keep any one man from doing what Obama is attempting to do. The problem is that there are so many in government that are trying to HELP him! Even our own GOP are trying to help him, just look at Boehner.

I do not think that increased taxes across the board are unfair. I think everyone should pay, not just one segment of our citizens.  I also believe that major spending cuts are necessary. The government, and Obama, must STOP spending what we do not have! I believe that “going over the cliff” in, and of, itself is not such a bad thing.

If it were any other administration, yes we could have a problem. But, with this administration, we will NEVER get any other spending cuts without Cliff Diving! We need to stop the unlimited spending!

What I am worried about, is giving King Hussein all the unlimited power that he is dreaming of. He must be stopped!


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