ObamaCare & The Abortion Pill Mandate – Not Just For Employers!


Well, Obamacare is the law of the land. You have heard all the scare stories… right? Maybe not all of them.

For the first time in history, the government has attempted to force Americans to pay for the ending of human life – even if abortion violates their religious beliefs. We have heard about the fights on behalf of the employers (think Hobby Lobby) and rightly so. But do you know what it means to you, as an employee?

As an employee who is morally against abortion, you may now be forced into a health plan that violates your beliefs. Yes, and if you refuse coverage, you will be fined the greater of either the cost of the plan or 1% of your salary for the first year, 2% of your salary the second year, and 2.5% each year after that.

Plus, The Abortion Premium Mandate requires everyone that is enrolled in an ObamaCare-compliant plan in State Exchanges that include elective abortion coverage of any kind (surgical, chemical, late term, etc.) to pay a separate premium straight from their paychecks. .  Now, ObamaCare says this separate premium will not cost less than $1 per month per enrollee, but it does not say how much more it could cost. And, because this premium is taken directly from a paycheck and put directly into an abortion-on-demand fund, bypassing the tax process, it attempts to circumvent federal laws that prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion.

Let us not forget the Secrecy Clause. While many of the ObamaCare-compliant insurance plans include this abortion charge, not all do. You think you can just shop around and find a plan that follows your beliefs? NOPE. Insurance companies are not allowed to tell you ahead of time which plans include this cost. It may “only” be disclosed in the fine print of the “summary of benefits and coverage explanation, at the time of enrollment.” (Remember: “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it”?) You can only discover whether or not your plan contains an abortion premium either by reading the fine print once you have enrolled, or if you happen to notice the separate surcharge on your pay stub.

And this does not even talk about what it does for Minors… your children. That is a whole different ball of wax. Children (defined as 0-26 years of age) will receive coverage of free contraception counseling and education, contraception, sterilization and early-abortion pills with NO requirement to inform parents of services. Remember, this includes children in Grammer School!

Now, of course, this is all for abortion. There is NO choice in ObamaCare for choosing to have a child, even for your children. While the law requires that children/dependents receive total coverage for contraception, abortion pills and sterilizations, it does not require that they receive any coverage for live birth.

So, there you go.




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