Paul Ryan Defends His Fiscal Cliff Vote

Who is he kidding? He states “What I know in my conscience is 98 percent of the families in Wisconsin are not going to get hit with a massive tax increase.”  He did not even read the bill before he signed it! He couldn’t have, no one had a chance to read it.

What about all of us Middle-Class that ARE getting hit with the tax increases? 77% of Americans are NOW dealing with increases that could break us. Between the tax hikes, Obamacare, and the rest, we are being sacrificed for Obama’s narcissistic ideology, and Paul Ryan is making excuses. We do not need more excuses! We need REAL leadership!

Yes, we need to deal with spending. We have been saying all along that the problem is in spending, not in revenue. But, do not tell us that you are happy with your vote when you didn’t even know what you were voting for! That is completely irresponsible!

We now have our ‘European Moment’ as we head down the path of Greece. Obama is as happy as a pig-in-slop,  because he gets to do it again in 2 months. This is a Temporary fix! But, at least, Paul Ryan and his Obama-Kissing buddies are happy with what they have accomplished.

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