The Anti-American Rag: The Journal News


We have all seen the stupidity of the Main Stream Media of late, but the prize goes to the Journal News for publishing the Names & Addresses of residents holding Legally obtained Gun Permits.  It compounded this atrocity with an interactive map for all of the criminals to use for identification of who’s home to burgle.

Make no mistake, this will be used by criminals. People are no longer safe in these counties!

Additionally, the Journal News is attempting to repeat these actions with more counties. Putnam county has refused to comply with the requests. Kudos to Putnam county! You have to admire them for recognizing the privacy violations of their residents and doing their best to protect them.

The Freedom of Information Act was never intended to abuse the legal rights of citizens. It was never intended to compromise the safety of anyone. The abuse of this process is getting wildly out-of-hand. The Journal News believes that in their quest to ban all handguns, they are doing a service to their cause. Guess what? They have Hired ARMED GUARDS to protect them from the backlash! They are doing what they are vilifying others for doing… protecting themselves!

Additional Kudos go to the blogger for publishing the names and addresses of those responsible for this mess.  I can honestly say that I wish I had thought of it first. Give this man a pat on the back!

Gun Control for the safety of our society cannot come at the expense of the safety of our society.  The Journal News needs to go. I hope they fold under the weight of the lawsuits that I believe should be filed against them.  What they did was Anti-American.



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