Barry, Are You Listening?


Americans have spoken! We will not sit idly by and allow you to trample on our 2nd Amendment. It will not happen.

We have purchased enough guns and ammo to arm several countries. Barry, have you noticed?

With Social Media as the norm, we are organizing. Are you listening, Barry?

Our Sheriffs trump your Executive Orders. Have you read the Constitution, Barry? We have. We know what the word “Impeachment” means.

Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Texas, South Carolina and more. We are all taking a Stand!

Why don’t you and Old Joe, along with Eric the Hood and Nanny Bloomberg, go finish your poker game. Hasn’t anyone ever told you “Never Bet against Americans!”?

We Love Our Constitution. We will fight for Our Rights. We Will Not be Dictated To! We are AMERICANS!

Barry, I hope you can hear me.


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