Revolution, the Right of the People


Mr. Obama and his Socialist cronies think they have won. They believe they have gained everything they set out for, and are on their way to building an empire. They have fought for Socialism and, yes, they are well on their way to success.

With today’s announcements of new Empirical Powers to take our 2nd amendment rights from us, they have shown their ego’s to have no limits. They are brash and confident. They are not concerned with the Republicans, with the individual States, or even with the lowly middle-class Americans. No one can stop them.


Americans everywhere are calling for “Revolution”. All 50 states had delivered petitions of secession to the White House. All 50 states, Red & Blue, have dissenters willing to risk everything to “have their country back”. They are willing to fight for their Rights. They WANT their Constitution!

What would Revolution mean in today’s America? It certainly would not be as it was in 1776. There would not be organized battles on your front lawn. Not in this day of modern technology.  There are factions that are organizing as we speak. They are starting on the World Wide Web. They are on Social Media, such as Twitter and Facebook. They are writing blogs and online articles. They are on discussion forums. They are organizing.

Not just the little guy, mind you. There are already battles being fought against the Federal Government, by the State Governments. Louisiana and Nebraska moved to abolish their individual and corporate income taxes. This is a battle against the new taxes of ObamaCair. Sheriffs in many counties across the nation are stating their willingness to fight the gun ban proposed by Mr. Obama. This is a direct battle against the Federal Government. Florida passed laws protecting its citizens from Drones spying on them. And the list goes on. These are battles already being fought against our nation’s highest government, by the people.

The arrogance of Mr. Obama is unmatched. He will respond to the battles. Martial Law will go into effect in short order. He has already signed his Empirical Orders to accomplish this. He has stopped the sale of guns and ammo at many large retail chains, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. He has several large corporations on board his plans. Bank of America is already deciding how they will allow you to spend your money, just look at American Spirit Arms. There is a definite line in the sand.

Even his supporters are starting to be wary. He is losing support every day, and he has not even had his inauguration for his second term as yet. They are not leaving in large numbers, but it never starts that way. At first, you will have a few deserters, which we have seen. Remember the Obama-Phone Lady? There are even some DC Democrats that are starting to question the wisdom of their support of Mr. Obama. It is starting, for the People.

There will be Revolution. Will it be a gun battle? Will it be through Impeachment? In this modern country, there are many possibilities. One thing is for sure, it will happen. We want our Constitution because it is our right!

We the People


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