Anti-Federalist Gun Rallies


The Revolution is in full swing! America has been taken over by Socialists and the Constitutional Conservatives are not sitting still for it. We are not going to be silent and not going to be invisible. We are exercising Our Rights under Our Constitution. And our Government, led by Comrade Obama, is Ticked Off!

Second Amendment activists are being targeted by the Left-Wing Liberals, from Mr. Obama down to the local Welfare recipient. We have been labeled as everything from Extremists to Terrorists, and now we have also been labeled as “Anti-Federalists”.

What is an Anti-Federalist, you ask? Well, we support civil activism and individual freedoms. They say we are violent and living in the past. They also claim that “…its political vision is usually justified by the aspiration to restore or preserve values and practices that are part of the idealized historical heritage of the nation.” This means that we DO NOT want to change the fundamental concepts that this country was founded on, and the Liberal Fanatics see this as a bad thing. In their eyes, anyone that does not want to evolve to Socialism/Communism must be Terrorists!

Today had the Conservatives showing their support for the 2nd Amendment with “Gun Appreciation Day” throughout the country. It was a resounding success! There were demonstrations everywhere, with local and state officials speaking their support of this grassroots movement. Talks of changing their State laws to not allow the Federal Government to take any weapons or force registration on gun owners took place. Many were “Open Carry” which had individuals proudly exercising their rights to carry their weapons. News reports from across the country talked of thousands of citizens taking part in this event.

Yes, it is a battle. Yes, the Revolution has begun. Yes, we will fight for our rights!

We will not go quietly into the night, as much as the Washington Socialists would like to see that happen. We are here. We are vocal. And we are not giving up our guns!



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