Shut the Government Down!


House Republicans have caved again, albeit on a temporary basis. They have agreed to vote on a three month extension of the [NO] debt ceiling.

Why do they empower Comrade Obama in his quest to crush our economy? He threatens and bullies them, and they cave every time! We have NEVER had a budget since he became the Socialist-In-Chief, and we NEVER will! Obama is determined to destroy America and turn it over to the United Nations. We have plenty of proof of this. Here are just a few examples:

  • Spending is out of this world! No one with half a brain would consider running their family budget like this, or their business. Why does the government continue to allow Obama to spend MORE than every other Chief Executive combined, and WITHOUT a budget?
  • He continues to print money as if he is a failed monopoly player. Everyone knows that printing money does not solve the problem. He talks of a $1Trillion note, but the only ones that have tried this are THIRD WORLD Countries! We have seen where that has gone, but Obama wants to take us down that path as well.
  • He refuses to even submit a budget, with the exception of one that was so distorted that even his cronies in the Democratic Party couldn’t even consider it. He knew that would happen. He knew by submitting an outrageous budget, he could continue on without ANY budget. And Congress is ALLOWING this to continue.
  • He is spending on his family, at taxpayer expense, as if he is an Emperor. Look at his multi-million dollar vacations! Look at all the time he spends on the golf course and NOT doing his job. He and his accomplice do not think twice to double their cost of travel by taking different planes, as if they were the royal heirs. They don’t mind tripling the costs by putting their kids on separate transport. This is a shameless encumbrance on the American people meant to showboat his personal entitlement fixation.
  • There is even more proof with the increase in taxes. He talks a big story with his fake concern for the middle class. He was the cause of the largest tax hike on the middle class in history, and he pretends that nobody noticed. He has since increased their taxes again, and he claims that only the wealthy were increased. He thinks the American people are stupid and cannot feel this crunch. Maybe he thinks only the government is stupid? If they keep signing off on this crap, he may yet be proven right.
  • Now, he also wants to take the guns from citizens. Only a Dictator would do this. Someone who is bent on enslaving his people and must disarm them to head off an uprising. Has Congress put two and two together yet?

What would happen if the Republicans JUST SAID “NO”? Would the government shut down? Sure, but would that be so bad? What would actually happen?

  • First of all, the elected government officials, including the Shah of America, would get paid. Their paychecks are mandated by separate laws, and they cannot be stopped without another mandate.
  • Emergency Services would continue. This includes Police, Fire, and state hospitals.
  • Non-emergency government personnel would be given a furlough. They get a few days off. Military personnel would not get the time off, but their paychecks would be pushed back during this time. But, they would not starve. The military takes care of its own.
  • The Post Office would continue, as they are self-sustaining.

But, the things that would NOT happen?

  • Washington DC would probably not get their garbage picked up.
  • State run schools would probably close for a few days.
  • Museums would close.

The street lights would not go out.
People would be paid, just paid a little later.

It’s not the worst thing that could happen!

It would certainly get the government’s attention. Our Supreme Potentate would blame George Bush, as usual. But, we would Save Money! That is more important than his overblown ego, and that of the Senate and Congress.



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