Piers Morgan Supports Second Amendment!


We all know that this displaced limey is truly a dimwit, but his current attempt at self-relevance is actually a very good argument in favor of the 2nd Amendment. His latest tweet about the recent school shooting in Georgia claims that the armed guard did not stop the shooting because he did not stop the First Shot.

At first look, this is the most asinine statement you might have ever heard. With his attempts to nullify the argument that we need increased armed security in our schools, he actually SUPPORTS it. Here is why:

As BusinessWeek reports, Colorado State University decided to allow firearms on Campus in 2003. The number of sexual assaults plunged from more than 40 in 2002 to 2 in 2008. This is a pretty good argument that firearms prevented The First Shot and more! Using the same guidelines that “Musket Morgan” applies to this argument, we can surmise that anywhere there is not a shooting implies that if there were any firearms in the vicinity, then said firearms have stopped thousands, possibly millions, of potential shootings, assaults and deaths.

We can, therefore, celebrate this Dunderhead’s conversion to the Conservative Party!


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