US Sen. Lindsey Graham


This is an open letter that I posted on the Facebook page of US Senator Lindsey Graham:

I have been one of your biggest supporters, mostly due to your work towards getting answers and accountability on Benghazi. I had your back when nearly everyone was calling you a RINO and part of the establishment government and Good Ole Boys Club. After last night, and today, I am more than disappointed in you.

You are going to vote this man in to CIA Chief just to show your superiority over another Senator! What, exactly, did Senator Paul do that was so wrong you would risk the American People just to spank him over it? Do you realize how your actions are being perceived by the People? Do you even care?

I have, apparently, done more research on this issue than you have, and Sen. Paul is correct. There is a viable threat to the American People, on US soil, by the government, through the use of drones. If you choose to hide your head in the sand then you are no different than the entitled Progressives that bow down to His Highness.

I am at least big enough to admit when I am wrong. And I admit that now, in reference to my support of you.



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